Makeovers are easy with a pro.

When your floors start to look a little dull, a maintenance coat may be the solution.  A maintenance coat involves cleaning the existing floor finish, then lightly sanding it, and application of a fresh new coat of wood floor finish.  When a new coat of finish doesn’t meet the needs of the floor, a resand may be in order.



A complete sand and refinish is recommended when there is damage to the wood floor like deep scratches, dents, and other flooring damage.  

It is also recommended when the finish has worn away, and the bare wood is exposed. Sanding a floor back to raw wood is the perfect opportunity to change the color of the floor. 

The number of times a floor can be sanded varies depending on a variety of factors including the skill of the contractor, the equipment used, the thickness of the wear layer, the flatness of the floor and the condition of the floor.



Try our environmentally friendly floor sanding system. Refinishing hardwood floors use to be a colassal mess. Clouds of toxic dust were spewed everywhere. You had to cover or remove plants, artwork and furniture. It took days to resurface any size hardwood floor. Clean up was a nightmare. But now restoring hardwood floors is cleaner, faster and healthier thanks to our Advanced Dust Free System, which keeps your home dust-free during the sanding process.



We are using only the best available stain brands on the market. You can choose from over 70 colors or we can even create some colors just for you.